Love intensely

Whatever you do, do it with intense love. All chores n errands become effortless. Love must exude from every pore of your body. It must travel thru every neuron of your brain. Every breath, every heartbeat must be nothing but love. Life becomes a joy forever when we love each of God’s creation selflessly.


Lenses and Masks

Contact lenses are very useful. We wear them when we need them n remove them when we go off to sleep, lest they damage the eyes. They come in many colors as well to mask the color of our eyes (iris).

They have so much in common with the social masks we need to wear at our will to hide something we need not show n to project something which we don’t have to keep afloat in our lives.

Like contact lenses, we must master their use, when to put on n when to put off. If we don’t, they become glued n we tend to lose our true identity, our true self which is not a worthy bargain.

The survival of the sensitive n gentle in the society that is clever, crafty n at times cruel must make us use a relevant mask that befits the situation. As the situation dispels, take off the mask n put it in your pocket n juggle it out when another such situation pops up.

When our sight is good n color of our eyes is nice, we don’t need contact lenses. Similarly when the going for the good is congruous n in harmony with their good selves, no masks are needed. Only the treacherous n wily foxes need masks to appear good, though good people need masks of being stern n clever for preservation of their existence in the society that has its mouth  wide open to gobble them up.

Its best n desirable to put on the lenses n masks when you so need.

TV Soaps, Movies n our Lives

When we watch TV Soaps n Movies, why do we lose our selves n be so engrossed in them that we forget who we are, forget its just not true, forget its just mesmerizing ourselves to become a part of the plot n suffer the negativity or rejoice at the positive happenings in the drama.

Why can’t we be clear about the reality n the truth that it is all fiction for which we pay to get entrapped?

Why can’t we just watch n enjoy the plot n the direction n the acting n the music being totally rooted in the realization that its all a play?  Why can’t we get out of our emotional vice like grip on our responses?

In life too, why can we just be observers of the unfolding events n just flow with the waves. It is actually a big complex problem!!!

Floating on the tumultuous seas is possible only if we let our bodies loose n loose our rigidity. Flexibility is the key. This should hold true for our lives as well. Why can’t we let go of our Ego coming in the way.

When we identify ourselves with the events/ ups n downs, we fall in the trap n get tossed n bruised with a fear of even getting drowned when the tides are high, strong n the seas are raging.

Watch your getting identified with the process of life. Just be careful when you start sinking in the marshy land of identification with life events. Halt as soon as you can n start observing non-judgmentally n just unleash your fascination n awe. Just be n travel light.

The three hour movie must be enjoyable n money’s worth, so should the 0- 100 or so years of our life.


The sixth sense/ intuition/ gut-feeling is an enigma as far as its genesis is concerned. But it is fantastic as far as its manifestation is concerned.

Is it due to establishing a connection with the Supreme Intelligence also called God?

Is it available to everyone?

Does it have a fixed operating frequency or does it have a broad, rather Infinite Bandwidth that is available to each one of the creation?

How can we tune in to the available frequency that is specially there for each one of us?

We must have our receptors ready and clean to produce the melody rather than keep transmitting jarring noise. Practice tuning in and be aware of changing frequencies.

Living in anticipation

In my school days, I remember letter writing that ended with
‘ Thanking you in anticipation’,
Yours truly,
Anirudh Kapoor

After three decades, I am questioning myself whether I am living in anticipation and not thanking the present.

Do you also ever feel that you are living in the future?

We are planning, scheming, calculating, manoeuvering n working hard all the time to reach some elusive point in time when we will be something, have something, command something n demand something. In a way, we will have arrived. Will that be the be all n end all of our life?

Our insecurities n complexities drive us relentlessly and goad us to live in anticipation. In fact, we are not living in the present with what is the reality of the moment and let its beauty slip thru by being unmindful of the preciousness of the moment.

I am learning to be in the Now, to squeeze the moment, to extract the juice of the present n let it unfold the mystery it its bosom. Sometimes, though I slip in the sleep mode n drift into the future n then the trouble starts brewing.

Living in the moment is much better than living in anticipation. When we focus on what is, the what will be, shall be taken care of to a large extent. Even if it doesn’t, we will let the present moment to slip by with the gifts it had brought for us.

Energize this moment with all your attention and desist from living in the dream world of the unborn, uncertain future. Live life Now.

Self-respect V/S Ego

Self respect is the most profound entity for any dignified person. Ego, rather the bloated EGO is the need of a person with low self esteem and it is required for preservation of the complexed fragile self.

Some amount of ego is though required for sustenance and that is what propels us to accomplish a lot of things that are mandatory for our existence. But when it gets inflated, it acquires negativity and compels others to be repelled. Understanding this is very important to differentiate the two.

Self respect is actually the basic requirement of living. It is what matters most to anyone who cares about his/ her presence and dignity. For an upright, dignified person, this is the cornerstone of life, his/ her very being.

Bloated ego can be punctured as it is inflated, self respect can’t be because it is solid.

Ego can smack of arrogance but self-respect, paradoxically, is actually a sign of humility and strength. Don’t mess up with a self respecting man. It may be pondered upon that self-respect has nothing to do with arrogance at all.

It is though an art to differentiate between the two. We all gradually learn to respect our selves and manage our ego for better social interaction and living.

Flying like an Eagle…

Just read a quote ‘ you cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren’.
How true!
The wisdom entrenched in these words is slowly seeping in and it definitely is profound.

What if the eagle didn’t know its capacity and capability?

What if the eagle undermined its strength?

What if the wren overestimated its power?

What if the eagle envied the sing of the wren?

What if the humble wren envied the natural majesty of the mighty eagle?

What if this and what if that!!!!!!

That’s what we keep doing all our lives, comparing and envying ourselves with others and forgetting the song each one of us is born to sing. Jealousy and futile comparison just sap us of our strengths and positives and give the chance of suppressed negativity n weaknesses to raise their ugly heads and we start resenting our beautiful lives.

Let the eagle use its wings to fly and let the wren sing the melodious song.

Desist from comparing with others. Let each one of us realize the inherent strengths and weaknesses and live the traits to make the best in any situation.