The Changing Tunes of Time

Time is a flux. It just keeps going at its own pace. We hv no choice but to adapt our tunes to the music of the time.

If we do so gladly, we are at peace. It’s an upward spiral.

If we don’t we are in trouble n invite more turmoil in our lives. It’s a downward spiral.

The music played by destiny is preordained. What matters is how we respond to that, how we sync, how we sing along.

Afterall it’s all the adaptation to make our lives as best as humanly possible.

Empty the mind bin

When one is quiet inside after emptying the mind of all thoughts with the Grace of The Force, the Infinite wisdom of the Divine rushes in to fill the void. Nature abhors it. Give it space to manifest the magic. The Infinite Intelligence is far beyond our finite one. Establishing a rapport with it can work wonders. The magic is in the experience.

Be Loving n Kind esp these times

While on a trip on my cycle today, could palpate the pain of the poor, the daily wagers, the fruit n veg sellers n small shop keepers with little buffer to fall back on.

Have decided to be more compassionate n kind n sympathetic to my patients n people I come across.

Love, kindness n whatever max. concession I can give would be a small gesture on my part in service of The Divine.

COVID19 Pandemic has surely made it tough for people in more ways than one.

Let’s Be gentle n kind n helpful in whatever manner we can. That’s the least we can do.

Don’t haggle with the fruit n vegetable vendors. Give them smile. Would be better n safe n a great gesture if you could let them keep the change.

Love Grace n Gratitude.πŸ™
Inspiration thru Anirudh Kapoor

The Real v/s The fake

I used to feel great at ppl/passerbys bowing towards me reverentially at the crossing n nod back till one day I realised the Gurdwara Sahib at my back. Not any more. Now at hindsight, I Laugh out loud at my foolishness n naivity. All the bows for the Lord of the Holy place of worship n NOT FOR A FOOL LIKE ME.

We are living in a make belief world of ego n arrogance n feel indespensable where as the reality is that we are miniscule, tiny specs albiet important ones in the greater scheme of things in the immaculate machine called Universe.

The accolades showered upon us are actually for the Grace of God jiski razaa ke baghair patta bhi nahin bikta. We are useless n helpless if His marzi n will is not shaamil in the act.

Be humble n Get out of the way of the Divine n be/stay blessed.





Honoring the Covid19 Warriors

The economic issues are a matter of real concern these days with patients asking for fees beforehand even on phone (was never the case before Covid19).

Most of the doctors are bearing the “Covid19 Charges” like sanitizing/PPE etc in addition to the huge risk n not burdening the patients with the same.

The Public must note n not take us as thiefs n insensitive beings. Must change their views about us. Ppl must not forget that we are the most humane n compassionate of the professionals without naming any.

The govt too must note and be sympathetic towards us. We afterall look upto our rulers n administrators.

Rebates on our loans n other subsidies on taxes must be extended to us if the govt is really n not symbolically appreciative of the Covid19 Warriors.

Doctors are performing their Dharma. Request the society n the Government to perform theirs.



Anirudh Kapoor

Evolution is experiential

Have a childhood habit of gulping down drinks ( thank God not into hard stuff πŸ˜› lest would have gulped enuf to hv, can’t say, scary, no? ☹️ ).

Today I thought of sipping cold Roohafza milk that I love mindfully like they say one should sip n savor Wine (hv tried that a few times but gave up due to flushing n blushingπŸ˜„).

Even though didn’t get the feel of a continuous stream caressing my taste buds, yet Loved that. Learning n evolving continues.πŸ˜„

Let’s see how far this goes as they say ‘Old Habits die hard’. πŸ™



Anirudh KapoorπŸ™πŸ˜„πŸ’

Lockdown Humor


Me: Summi, aaj bahut kaam hai mera πŸ™
Summi: kaunsa ji? Maine toh aur kuch kaha karne ko. Jhaaru poocha, chai, nashta, chopping the vegetables n fruits toh sab ho gaya. Aap ko ab kya kaam hai?

Me: Finishing remaining 10 episodes of the Pakistani serial, Noor Ul Ain that we started watching yesterday.πŸ˜„

Summi: Chalo Shabash apna wardrobe theek karo jo kabhi kiya nahin. Yes get going. Fast.

Theek hi kehte hain, logon ko doosron ki khushi achchi nahin lagti.
Jaane laga hu kaam pe. Socha yeh bhi batata jaun.β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜„πŸ™

A humble suggestion to all: Seek permission tactfully n then do your bit. Thori diplomacy bhi seekh lo. Read somewhere Straight trees are cut first. πŸ˜›πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Covid 19 Pandemic tips

I hv zeroed down to the following:

  1. Wear mask diligently.
  2. Keep a safe distance ( can’t stay home all the time)
  3. Wash hands properly n frequently.
  4. Sanitize whatever u get home
  5. Keep fit. Exercise. Eat well.
  6. Do Yoga n pranayaam n meditate ( the Yoga etc part is for lecturing, as I don’tπŸ˜„) to maintain a good immune system.
  7. Stay away from news as far as possible. Stay away from Social Media except for an occasional peep n humor ( this too is for others as I am addicted to itπŸ˜ƒ)
  8. Value family n friends participating in the Drama of life.
  9. Be vigilant always at the physical, mental n social levels. Don’t let your guards down.
  10. Have faith in The ways of the Divine n Be Grateful to the Universe.


No mud. No Lotus

NO MUD, NO LOTUS. Fantastic quote by the Buddhist Monk, Thay.

Is it that the Lotus DNA/Dharma equips it n effortlessly let it blossom in mud n only mud?
Can The Lotus blossom in clear waters?
Can any other flower too blossom in mud?
Can any other flower acquire traits of the Lotus?

What about humans?
We are no plants n trees!!!
Our Gene Expression is subject to change.

NO MUD, NO LOTUS is a pointer to the hardships in the form of muddy polluted environment both inner n outer that are desirable for the soul to dispell the clouds of express its inherent radiance.

Greatest transformation occurs in the toughest of the times. The strength of indomitable spirit n will power n Grace of God are catalysts to sculpt our future by embracing the present wholeheartedly n drawing the best nutrients to convert the filth into fragrance n beauty of our being.

May we all realise our true selves with live, compassion n empathy.

Lockdown Suggestions.

Lockdown suggestions primarily for myself. U too may consider.πŸ˜„πŸ™πŸ’

  1. Wear mask on mask (over the one stuck on our faces hiding our real selves).πŸ˜€πŸ˜·
  2. Wash/sanitize hands well
  3. Keep Safe Distance
  4. Stay updated, well informed but avoid overdose of info. Restrict news channels n Social Media
  5. Practice Mindfulness/Awareness/Living in the moment. This is an excellent opportunity to Be Aware.
  6. Eat healthy diet. Hv more of nuts, fruits n vegetables. (I m a Vegetarian). Can’t eat nuts coz I m allergic to them in addition to a few other things n fellows 😊
  7. Exercise adequately but don’t over exercise. Yoga can be taken up with Swami Ramdev as the personal guide, ofcourse on his TV channel. Can’t come coz of travel restrictions. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  8. Follow hobbies. Be Engaged in tailored spiritual practices for keeping inner voltage in control.πŸ˜€
  9. Look up the sky n feel the breeze n if it rains enjoy the heavenly blessing. Listen to chirping of the birds n watch their antics n be amused. Watch the swaying of the trees n green foliage.
  10. Have patience with family members esp the kids n the spouse Husbands must extend helping hands to their wives n obey orders for general well being n longevity. ( Hv been advised this but am a slow learner πŸ˜„πŸ™)