Honoring the Covid19 Warriors

The economic issues are a matter of real concern these days with patients asking for fees beforehand even on phone (was never the case before Covid19).

Most of the doctors are bearing the “Covid19 Charges” like sanitizing/PPE etc in addition to the huge risk n not burdening the patients with the same.

The Public must note n not take us as thiefs n insensitive beings. Must change their views about us. Ppl must not forget that we are the most humane n compassionate of the professionals without naming any.

The govt too must note and be sympathetic towards us. We afterall look upto our rulers n administrators.

Rebates on our loans n other subsidies on taxes must be extended to us if the govt is really n not symbolically appreciative of the Covid19 Warriors.

Doctors are performing their Dharma. Request the society n the Government to perform theirs.



Anirudh Kapoor

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