The Real v/s The fake

I used to feel great at ppl/passerbys bowing towards me reverentially at the crossing n nod back till one day I realised the Gurdwara Sahib at my back. Not any more. Now at hindsight, I Laugh out loud at my foolishness n naivity. All the bows for the Lord of the Holy place of worship n NOT FOR A FOOL LIKE ME.

We are living in a make belief world of ego n arrogance n feel indespensable where as the reality is that we are miniscule, tiny specs albiet important ones in the greater scheme of things in the immaculate machine called Universe.

The accolades showered upon us are actually for the Grace of God jiski razaa ke baghair patta bhi nahin bikta. We are useless n helpless if His marzi n will is not shaamil in the act.

Be humble n Get out of the way of the Divine n be/stay blessed.





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