No mud. No Lotus

NO MUD, NO LOTUS. Fantastic quote by the Buddhist Monk, Thay.

Is it that the Lotus DNA/Dharma equips it n effortlessly let it blossom in mud n only mud?
Can The Lotus blossom in clear waters?
Can any other flower too blossom in mud?
Can any other flower acquire traits of the Lotus?

What about humans?
We are no plants n trees!!!
Our Gene Expression is subject to change.

NO MUD, NO LOTUS is a pointer to the hardships in the form of muddy polluted environment both inner n outer that are desirable for the soul to dispell the clouds of express its inherent radiance.

Greatest transformation occurs in the toughest of the times. The strength of indomitable spirit n will power n Grace of God are catalysts to sculpt our future by embracing the present wholeheartedly n drawing the best nutrients to convert the filth into fragrance n beauty of our being.

May we all realise our true selves with live, compassion n empathy.

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