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Mind your mind

Mind is a tool to mend your ways. It can also be employed to bend the rules and circumvent them. It needs a man of higher IQ to do the latter but the question arises, is it the right choice?

Being smart is a smart choice but do we really have a choice to be smart or a dumb fools? Our genes decide the no-choice to a large extent but sure enough the environment plays a significant role, right?

The entity that controls the direction taken by the mind is the real stuff, the real employer of the mind that ultimately matters. Being aware of the doings and undoings of the mind empowers our higher, wiser selves to harness the mind in the best possible manner and this is what I call Minding the mind. Just let the higher faculty focus as an observer and let it watch the thoughts and the possible anticipated  actions to avoid most of the misery that might otherwise ensue if tricked by the trickster mind. Good luck.

Owe it to yourself

The most important of the building blocks to our success in life is to owe it to our self before we owe it to others .

Our success n failure depends upon our mental strength n flexibility, if it may be called ‘Flexible Strength’ of our mind. It needs to be constantly monitored when negotiating a turn in our perception and future course.

How I perceive my own self is what designs my path! When our confidence takes a nosedive, we are shattered and may appear foolish when we look at the mirror. The test of our resilience n resolve is to look deep in the eye of your own image and feel confident about the present moment¬† and the moments to come. If you can do so when your chips are down, you are unstoppable. If not, you may still want to do something remarkable as you owe it to yourself n your life. This ‘Mirror Test’ may be a win-win both for you and the times you are facing. Good luck.