Attachment often causes Suffering- Buddha

But life is not possible without attachment e.g. If we don’t love our body/our family/ our home etc etc we won’t take care of them.

Logically speaking, We don’t love n be attached to anybody/anything to suffer, don’t we?

Suffering though is inevitable with attachment n possessiveness. What’s the Way out?

Detachment! paradoxical, isn’t it? Let us ask Mr. Buddha. Hahah.

Not a laughing matter at all. Let’s ask Mr. Laughing Buddha then.

Friends, all said and done, jokes apart, our reactions n responses (internal factors) to the stimuli n situations (external factors/triggers) decide the intensity n duration of the suffering.

Life is not meant to be a suffering for sure. Ask any preschool child who lives every moment with joyful intensity. Life is the blossomming of the flower of blissfulness gifted to each one of us by the Universe.

Let’s practice detached attachment performing our duties to ourselves n the creation in the best possible manner.

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