GOING with the FLOW

Going with the flow is indeed empowering. It gives us freedom to live on our terms joyously and not let the events n circumstances n situations even the ones that are not to our liking and also unavoidable to disturb our inner peace.

When we make friends with the moment as it is, we take away it’s power to pull us down.


One such thing happened yesterday when my Ultrasound Machine had a snag in the afternoon with patients waiting n a few scheduled for the afternoon.

With the Grace of the Supreme Intelligence directing my Finite Intelligence i realised the gravity of the situation n my helplessness.

Got hold of the problem, made some calls n postponed the scans n shut shop for the day.

Assured of the visit by the engineer by the evening, i just whiled away n waited.

During all this I was fully AWARE n PAID ATTENTION to the moment without losing cool or being frantic.

Had to cancel all the appointments n my evening engagements with myself like the walk n market round with my wife.

But just went with the flow. Neither i, nor Summi had any remorse n restlessness about missing out on the evening plan.

Grateful to the Divine for letting me go with the flow by the realisation they WHAT CANNOT BE CURED MUST BE ENDURED.

This was a great revelation and a pleasant feeling of the forward evolutionary step and a huge thankfulness.

Must Keep watching n playing the enigmatic game of life n going with the flow.

Must Keep growing inside out.

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