Lenses and Masks

Contact lenses are very useful. We wear them when we need them n remove them when we go off to sleep, lest they damage the eyes. They come in many colors as well to mask the color of our eyes (iris).

They have so much in common with the social masks we need to wear at our will to hide something we need not show n to project something which we don’t have to keep afloat in our lives.

Like contact lenses, we must master their use, when to put on n when to put off. If we don’t, they become glued n we tend to lose our true identity, our true self which is not a worthy bargain.

The survival of the sensitive n gentle in the society that is clever, crafty n at times cruel must make us use a relevant mask that befits the situation. As the situation dispels, take off the mask n put it in your pocket n juggle it out when another such situation pops up.

When our sight is good n color of our eyes is nice, we don’t need contact lenses. Similarly when the going for the good is congruous n in harmony with their good selves, no masks are needed. Only the treacherous n wily foxes need masks to appear good, though good people need masks of being stern n clever for preservation of their existence in the society that has its mouth  wide open to gobble them up.

Its best n desirable to put on the lenses n masks when you so need.

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