TV Soaps, Movies n our Lives

When we watch TV Soaps n Movies, why do we lose our selves n be so engrossed in them that we forget who we are, forget its just not true, forget its just mesmerizing ourselves to become a part of the plot n suffer the negativity or rejoice at the positive happenings in the drama.

Why can’t we be clear about the reality n the truth that it is all fiction for which we pay to get entrapped?

Why can’t we just watch n enjoy the plot n the direction n the acting n the music being totally rooted in the realization that its all a play?  Why can’t we get out of our emotional vice like grip on our responses?

In life too, why can we just be observers of the unfolding events n just flow with the waves. It is actually a big complex problem!!!

Floating on the tumultuous seas is possible only if we let our bodies loose n loose our rigidity. Flexibility is the key. This should hold true for our lives as well. Why can’t we let go of our Ego coming in the way.

When we identify ourselves with the events/ ups n downs, we fall in the trap n get tossed n bruised with a fear of even getting drowned when the tides are high, strong n the seas are raging.

Watch your getting identified with the process of life. Just be careful when you start sinking in the marshy land of identification with life events. Halt as soon as you can n start observing non-judgmentally n just unleash your fascination n awe. Just be n travel light.

The three hour movie must be enjoyable n money’s worth, so should the 0- 100 or so years of our life.

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