Living in anticipation

In my school days, I remember letter writing that ended with
‘ Thanking you in anticipation’,
Yours truly,
Anirudh Kapoor

After three decades, I am questioning myself whether I am living in anticipation and not thanking the present.

Do you also ever feel that you are living in the future?

We are planning, scheming, calculating, manoeuvering n working hard all the time to reach some elusive point in time when we will be something, have something, command something n demand something. In a way, we will have arrived. Will that be the be all n end all of our life?

Our insecurities n complexities drive us relentlessly and goad us to live in anticipation. In fact, we are not living in the present with what is the reality of the moment and let its beauty slip thru by being unmindful of the preciousness of the moment.

I am learning to be in the Now, to squeeze the moment, to extract the juice of the present n let it unfold the mystery it its bosom. Sometimes, though I slip in the sleep mode n drift into the future n then the trouble starts brewing.

Living in the moment is much better than living in anticipation. When we focus on what is, the what will be, shall be taken care of to a large extent. Even if it doesn’t, we will let the present moment to slip by with the gifts it had brought for us.

Energize this moment with all your attention and desist from living in the dream world of the unborn, uncertain future. Live life Now.

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