Self-respect V/S Ego

Self respect is the most profound entity for any dignified person. Ego, rather the bloated EGO is the need of a person with low self esteem and it is required for preservation of the complexed fragile self.

Some amount of ego is though required for sustenance and that is what propels us to accomplish a lot of things that are mandatory for our existence. But when it gets inflated, it acquires negativity and compels others to be repelled. Understanding this is very important to differentiate the two.

Self respect is actually the basic requirement of living. It is what matters most to anyone who cares about his/ her presence and dignity. For an upright, dignified person, this is the cornerstone of life, his/ her very being.

Bloated ego can be punctured as it is inflated, self respect can’t be because it is solid.

Ego can smack of arrogance but self-respect, paradoxically, is actually a sign of humility and strength. Don’t mess up with a self respecting man. It may be pondered upon that self-respect has nothing to do with arrogance at all.

It is though an art to differentiate between the two. We all gradually learn to respect our selves and manage our ego for better social interaction and living.

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