Flying like an Eagle…

Just read a quote ‘ you cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren’.
How true!
The wisdom entrenched in these words is slowly seeping in and it definitely is profound.

What if the eagle didn’t know its capacity and capability?

What if the eagle undermined its strength?

What if the wren overestimated its power?

What if the eagle envied the sing of the wren?

What if the humble wren envied the natural majesty of the mighty eagle?

What if this and what if that!!!!!!

That’s what we keep doing all our lives, comparing and envying ourselves with others and forgetting the song each one of us is born to sing. Jealousy and futile comparison just sap us of our strengths and positives and give the chance of suppressed negativity n weaknesses to raise their ugly heads and we start resenting our beautiful lives.

Let the eagle use its wings to fly and let the wren sing the melodious song.

Desist from comparing with others. Let each one of us realize the inherent strengths and weaknesses and live the traits to make the best in any situation.

2 thoughts on “Flying like an Eagle…

  1. Sandhu Bhamra

    You have put it so eloquently. As Yoga teaches us, we are complete in ourselves, all we need to do look within and connect with the immense power within. Keep writing.


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