The subtle change

Are you aware of the change that changes us every moment, every day, every month and every year?

Is it too obvious or too subtle?

Do you want it or are you happy with the shell you are in?

Are you afraid of the change or do you welcome it?

Are you equipped to bring about it or you feel incapable to do so?

These are some of the questions about our living the crop up once a while in the lives of the people who live consciously. And they often goad us to think n seek answers to them.

They are the defining queries that shape our lives n the path that we follow consciously shapes our destiny.

No one is better equipped to answer them than our own selves as who knows us better than our own selves.

Sit n ponder and ye shall find the keys to unlock the mystery of the seemingly complex yet simple phenomenon called life. Only ‘humans’ have the capacity to do so. Animals amongst us are not so fortunate enough to dwell upon them, change gears n evolve. Are you human enough?

Can you spare a moment for your own self?

1 thought on “The subtle change

  1. Sudarshan Sharma

    The change is taking place in us all the time, we are not the same body at this moment as it was the previous moment. What is important is the intellectual and spiritual change, is it taking place in us? This change is what we bring in ourselves, with the grace of God. This change will come if we are clear about our goal in life, who we think we are? This is a very individual journey and can be taken only by the individual.


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