Apples n oranges n avocados

An apple is an apple. So is an orange, and so is an avocado. How can we compare them? Yes, we might be tempted to compare a Granny Smith with a Delicious variety of apples. Or a Mandarin with an Indian variety of orange. But that too is wrong.

Each variety and each type of fruit is genetically coded with the traits it must manifest. It just has to let Nature and its unseen forces nurture the process of manifestation.

Each seed must just let the Universe break its shell and let the hidden sapling be born to pierce the bosom of the Earth to become a tree to bear the specific fruit, be it an apple or an orange.

Human beings too are encoded with the uniqueness of traits. Manifestation of these is though, a choice. Success is in letting them do so. Failure is resisting them from expressing themselves or comparing one with an other. It is belittling to do so.

If an apple could not ripen and serve its purpose to the one who plucked it for eating, it fails in its mission. If it ripens and helps someone savor it n get the nourishment, it is a success.

It would just ruin its day if it starts comparing itself with an orange or a mango or an avocado. Let it be proud of it being a glorious apple or a bright, juicy orange or the blessed avocado.

We humans must consider ourselves successful when we identify, reach n express our true potential. Let there be no heartburns by comparing an apple with an orange.

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