Manifest ‘The Grand Finales’ from time to time

When we conceptualize the high point of our lives at any point in time, when we give it the concrete shape in our thoughts and when we put all our energy, resources and inherent forces behind that, we invariably make it to manifest sooner than later.

You don’t have to necessarily ‘fake it to make it’. You simply carve it out with patience and persistence. As John Quincy Adams had said,  ‘Patience and persistence have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish’.

When we put all our eggs in a single basket, we risk cracking them but that’s the critical mass we are creating to reach The Grand Finale’ when we go with all our power and sincerity.

By putting all our might into the process of visualizing and manifesting the Finale’, we touch and kiss a great work of art and craft that requires our undivided attention and the energy that passes through the prism of uncertainty to focus with precision on the outcome.

Self-confidence, self-awareness, strong will and a crystal-clear focus is what helps us reach that pinnacle to realize our purpose in life provided that is in-sync with who we are. The who we are and the what we are here for, are two of the primary questions that help us decide The Great Finale’ and prod us to unfold it and make it manifest itself.

Keep questioning without the focus on the answer but be sincere to the cause of reaching The Grand Finale’, whatever that means for you as an individual from time to time.

Departing unsung is even in our own eyes a disfavor to life. It is an injustice to the precious soul that had come to realize its dream to reach numerous The Grand Finale’ moments during the stipulated, granted time span in this life.

Good luck and Be inspired.

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