Plug in the Source with the ego

We get the power in our homes and offices and everywhere from the main source.

Our gadgets are different, yet they work on power from the same source.

We just have to plug into the socket and there it goes. No extra effort required.

However, the plug must be of optimum size with optimum pins to connect.

Like wise, how about our own human system of working?
Our ego is the plug what connects with the soul which is the connection with the Source.

If it is too big, it just doesn’t fit on and tap the beauty and grace of the Source. It is too small, its of no use either. Only the optimum one serves our interests and let us draw from the limitless power from the Source or the Infinite Consciousness we all have access to.

This is my personal understanding of the complex matter. Seems logical to me. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Plug in the Source with the ego

  1. joedalio

    Great analogy! It’s simply a matter of relying on the energy of the source. The light bulb doesn’t rely on itself for the ultimate power. It is just a source for the light to shine through. That’s how we are as humans as well. When we simply rely on the source and make ourselves available as a beacon of the light, that’s when great blessings occur : )


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