Just thinking about thoughts

Where do the thoughts come from? From just out of the blue!!!!!!

In fact yes, they just come from the unseen, the unmanifest realm of existence beyond our sensual perception.

A pertinent question arises here.
Are we in control of our thoughts if they just pop up from thin air? Are we responsible for our thoughts? Do we generate them?

Maybe yes maybe no.
I don’t know for sure to be honest.

As a matter of personal belief, I am sure with reasonable personal experience, we are injected by the seeds of what is going to manifest in the greater scheme of things as ordained in the world order.
I feel my job is to just sync with the thought and move in the direction as desired for the desired outcome.

Addictions go on to prove the powerlessness in controlling and acting on the thoughts that prod the addicts to fall in the trap. They just force then to act.

Is the analogy applicable to the others who are not addicts?

If we are addicted to the Supreme Intelligence which people address as God, we express our nature of being tools with the power to act on the instincts and inspirations to be the agents of goodness and positivity in the world.

Prepare yourself to be the worthy recipients of the  powerful thoughts from the unknown.

Just be like the malleable mud in the hands of the potter to let his craft carve out a beautiful masterpiece out of you. Let yourself be immersed in his grace through his thoughts that sow the seeds of action in you.

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