Thanksgiving Day

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving Day today. It is a great day to thank all our mentors, gurus, family, friends n critics for all the favors bestowed upon us from time to time.

Gratitude which is being celebrated today is a great virtue and benefits the giver as well as the receiver.  It has a great comforting effect on the soul. It enriches it immensely.

I thank all of the people who have influenced my thinking and my vision.

I thank all the people who have encouraged me all these years.

I also thank all the people who have criticized me reasonably and unreasonably as they either made me better or made me bitter and I learned from both to emerge more humble or stronger respectively.

I thank my parents who have been instrumental in bringing me to the world and giving me values to live with.

I thank my siblings and the extended family members for helping me to grow up well.

I thank Nature to rejuvenate me when I become weary.

I thank my Lord for His grace and blessings and always protecting me and guiding me.

Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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