Our love affair with nature

I just read a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche on twitter on this topic and felt tempted to share and dwell upon.  It goes like this:
‘ we love to be in nature so much because it has no opinion about us’.

This put my neuronal network flashing and set me thinking about the truth and the beauty in this profound thought by the great master.

Nature is majestic, always welcoming, never discriminating and always bestowing its love and care upon anyone who approaches it irrespective of its gender, caste, creed, color, age  religion and nationality.

Its lap is always there for the beleaguered traveler who surely finds respite and comfort there. His feet get the rest, his mind gets  distracted by Nature’s beauty and his worn out spirit gets the solace and the desired rejuvenation.

How true Nietzsche was when he quoted the generosity of nature on being so kind to us and how valid his reason is. We love to be in the midst of the trees and flowers and rivers and mountains and all the bounties of nature as we feel secure as they just do not carry any opinion about us or if at all they do being interconnected as I am sure we are , it doesn’t express the same to us. Nature just remains silent  and smiles at best even if it knew all about us inside out. Isn’t this interesting?

The innocence of nature and the impartiality of its grace and majesty makes it so livable and so lovable that we don’t miss a single opportunity to be there with it.

If we want to keep it showering its blessings upon us we must show it due respect and put all our might to preserve it for posterity. Let us not meddle with it in the name of development. It can be devastating.

Let’s resolve to let it heal itself. We must never forget that we are actually totally powerless to make the acorn to become an oak tree. It is itself well equipped to do so. It just expects from us to be just left alone for it to be just what it is, a non-opinionated lovable gift of God.

Let’s fall in love with it all over again for all the selfish reasons at least.

1 thought on “Our love affair with nature

  1. ravi

    so true! Reminds me of a recent article in which a child observes that while we lament the fact that kids no longer play outside but prefer to huddle inside with their technology, adults too, spend very little time outside with nature. Kids will learn by example


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