Can we shake hands with stress?

Having less money can be stressful. Having too much of it too can be immensely stressful.

Having no roof or too many can be stressful.

Having no children or too many or having no job or the top job can be stressful.

Yearning for something and then having it can be stressful.

The list of stress boosters is endless.

We are living with stress all around and we just can’t deny its presence in our lives. It is an integral part of our being.

It is what keeps us alive n kicking in the hope that someday in the distant future we can be stress-free. But that’s a mirage for the majority of us as that day never comes.

Only a select few have befriended stress and use it as a ladder to climb up the ladder of blissfulness. They just know the reality of the present perfect moment and stop to enjoy the beauty of the universe on the way. 

It is the awareness of the truth of this very moment as it is, rather that as it should have been, that makes them friends with stress and for them it is EU-STRESS ( positive stress )  rather than DI-STRESS ( distress / negative stress ).

Befriending stress make us happy and fighting it out relentlessly makes us exhausted n sad.

When we can’t handle it well it is distress and takes a toll on our health. Our cortisol levels shoot up leading to all sorts of maladies, physical and psychological.

Our blood pressure shoots up, glucose levels go out of range, our speech becomes slurred and incoherent, our hands start trembling, our concentration and focus take a nosedive, our confidence gets shattered and we start losing the grip on life.

Our family and professional life all goes haywire and finally we land up in the Doctor’ lap pleading for help.

Is this what we want in our lives? Do we want to look at our faces in the mirror and start pitying ourselves or still more cease to recognize ourselves?

Can we reclaim our lives or better still take a u-turn before we reach a stage of no-return?

Folks, we are cosmic dust. We are programmed to fulfill our mission on Earth and there is no choice to not do so either. That mission is not to leave unwrapped the precious gift called life or to unwrap it clumsily.

Here are a few posers for all of us on the path of self I realization and understanding life :

1. What do we stress ourselves out for?

2. What holds us back from realizing our limits n true potential ?

3. What prevents us from being stress-free?

4. Have we been programmed to be blissful n stress free?

5. Have we been given the power to respond to the situations?

6. Should we rely too much on our mind n intellect?

7. Should we hear the Divine voice telling us to act n forget?

8. Should we stop and ponder on the way?

9. Should we play one shot at a time?

10.Should we look at others and emulate?

11. Should we meditate n pray?

12. Should we strike a balance between work and play?

13. Should we look intelligently at our food plates n wine glasses i.e what we eat and drink n how we do so?

14. Should we think too much or too little about our friends and families?

15. Should we go out in the woods and talk to the mighty trees and beautiful flowers once a while?

16. Should we marvel at the human capabilities n potential looking at the works and the lives of the likes of Michaelangelo n Beethoven n Mozart n Leonardo di Vinci n Shakespeare n Emerson n Thoreau n Tagore n Gandhi n Mandela n Mother Teresa n Newton n Einstein?

17. Can we live n breathe the way we know best with honesty n integrity?

18. Can we help others selflessly?

19. Can we put a smile on the long face of people in despair?

20. Can we share our food and clothing with the less fortunate?

21. Can we love our neighbors?

22. Can we comfort others with a soft reassuring touch?

23. Can we love ourselves the way we are- spiritual beings with human experience rather than otherwise?

24. Should we take our journey so seriously?

25. Are you serious to be stress free?

Friends and co-passengers, our answers to the above questions hold the key to our befriending the uncertainties and stressful situations in our lives.

Be honest n a bit patient while shooting the answers if you want to be friends with the much maligned word stress which is in fact a reality we must live with all our lives from the cradle to the grave. Why not shake hands with it and jostle to the tune of the invisible mysterious Piper. Do we have a choice?

Stress is inevitable, befriending it and being happily married to it is a choice.

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