Man and the Divine Messages

To turn unexpectedly and meet someone all of a sudden on the way just by following the hunch and avoiding the accident on the path we had planned to follow initially is what I call the Divine messages.

Bringing the old bus pass when it is the first day of the new month and the pilot giving you the ticket of his own for reasons not known to him and when you go and thank him before alighting the bus, you open up a whole new world of friendship and care on knowing the roots you share and the values both stand for.

Meeting Dr. Brian Weiss twice on the streets of Vancouver on July 26/2013 is no coincidence if I were to believe the great master, an acclaimed Psychiatrist and past-life regression therapist.

All such happenings that keep popping up in our lives are Divine messages for me. They carry God’s will with them. To read them and benefit from them is also looked after by Him.

Everyone of us is blessed with an inbuilt D.M.R. which is fully loaded and automatically upgraded. It just needs to be followed and periodically dusted and recharged which is quite an inexpensive process.

Yes, folks you will agree that this DIVINE MESSAGE READER I am referring to is such a great tool that we all must be thankful for.

When we come across signs to proceed or halt or turn in our lives and our intuitive acumen pick them up we must rely on them and our gut feeling.

The Infinite Intelligence sends forth signals for our DMRs and that broadcast them to our advantage. To follow them is though an option. Even to listen to them too is an option.

Sometimes the batteries of these get depleted by continuous misuse and indifference that the voice is feeble and it drowns in the din of our egos. That’s what needs to be taken care of to keep the DMRs in good shape.

To be in-tune with the Infinite is the job of the DMR and it is like our inbuilt GPS system to guide us and light up our path.

We must keep your DMRs well-tuned and well-charged to let it work well and help us immensely. By being honest with ourselves we can do that. Simple, isn’t it.

Good luck.

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