The spider and its web


I am sitting  in a quiet corner of the Newton Library in Surrey, B.C and am observing a spider along the glass pane, meticulously weaving the web in the cold weather outside.

This has sent my thought process spinning at the beauty and precision of this tiny insect with many legs.

How does it manages to weave untiringly perching itself on the tiny filaments it spits and weaves? It is seen to be believed, folks.

My mind and intellect go racing at this wonderful phenomenon of Nature to ingrain in a spider the uniformity of its craftsmanship. The tiny spider having realized its ‘dharma’ ( duty ) is performing its ‘Karma’ to the best it can.

It has realized its purpose and is fulfilling it to the best of its ability.

Have you and me woken up to our inborn Divine purpose yet?

It just doesn’t need any super mind to know what we are here for. It is just to follow the inner voice that is so subtle at times that it just drowns in the midst of the noise of our mind and ego.

Let’s learn from the spider and start spinning our own webs. Let’s give our genes the freedom to express themselves.

Let’s be human enough.

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