Gandhi’s Nonviolence with Patience

Today is Mahatama Gandhi’s Birthday which is being celebrated the world over as the International Day of Nonviolence.

MKG, as he is fondly referred to, rather conveniently exemplifies the power of nonviolence in thought, words and actions.

The power it generates to release us from the bondage of vices like anger and despair at the personal level too cannot be undermined.

I am very fond of his words ‘ we must be the change we wish to see in the world’. The ripple effect it generates goes beyond the personal level to have an impact on the whole world. His ideology influenced greats like  Martin Luther King Jr who in their own capacity and influence created further ripples.

We must observe and understand our own selves and cut the edges and smoothen the rough patches in our character to evolve as better human beings and create a positive impact.

Coming back to nonviolence, it has the potential and the power to move mountains, literally speaking. The energy it generates in a subtle manner is what empowers it to perform miracles. We must though be just cautious of our intentions behind our nonviolence and enqire from time to time whether it is real or just a facade.

It is not that we must relinquish our selves and our confidence and our vision and lose focus. It is to be steadfast in our resolve to not be violent in thoughts, words or actions per se.

Patience was MKG tool to make nonviolence effective. It is one thing that we must too learn and sync one another with to make nonviolence effective.

Let’s resolve today to explore this great mantra NONVIOLENCE WITH PATIENCE and see the things brighten up for us and our world. Good luck.

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