Lessons while ironing my shirt


It was while ironing my shirt, I realized the beauty that emerged on the part of the shirt that was ironed and the jealousy that might have arose in the mind of the part of the shirt ike the arm in the above photo, that was not ironed yet.

Little did the un-ironed part realize how painful it is for the part that was ironed to bear the heat and the steam of the iron. Little did it realize the courage required to get the wrinkles sorted out. Why the jealousy then?

It just struck me that the hardships we face in our lives smoothens the wrinkles on our inner being, the spirit or the soul whatever one may call it. The brightness of wrinkle-free soul is what appeals to both the mortals as well as the Divine alike. To forebear the process is painful and requires a lot of courage and guts.

Its radiance is bright and powerful and can be spotted from afar.

Our endeavor must be to leave no effort to chance to let the wrinkles be sorted out no matter what pain we have to bear. We must be the examples for others to emulate.

If someone is shining bright, we must not be jealous. Applaud the resolve to bear the steam and the heat that she/he must have had to bear to shine.

We must appreciate and follow the path taken by these shining stars or create our own no matter how hard it might first appear. A single step in the right direction will make us cover miles to reach the destination of being the radiant persons in pur own right.

Let’s resolve to break through the shells of our comfort zones and face the heat of the tough and testing times to sort out the wrinkles on our souls and restore the pristine radiance that lies hidden in their inner recesses. 

4 thoughts on “Lessons while ironing my shirt

  1. Sandhu Bhamra

    Well expressed. It’s like the samundra manthan – when we do manthan of our selves, first the negativity (vish) flows out – one has to drink it (just the way Lord Shiva did) and then the delusions of power (siddhis) come – the apsaras, the riches and only after we pass that, we get the amrit!


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