Perfect moments

Analysis of the process of life can only be retrospective.

We just cannot play the game by any set rules and patterns beyond the basic tenets of living.

When I look back at the events that happened and people who crossed my way ( some were to go and some had to stay), I am sure of my hand in these. It was not in action but I figure myself a stout man with his hands holding one another at the back looking proudly at the great architect and artist sculpting or painting the canvas with the colors and brushes of His choice.

Sometimes the moments painted were very bright and colorful and sometimes gray and sometimes dark black.

I was left with no choice of my opinion most of the times.

He would just laugh and scoff at and rarely admire my audacity or if I may say, innocence when I would ask Him to paint better or use particular colors. He would just signal me to be patient and keep observing. Most of the times when the final picture would emerge, it was quite good and I would be happy with the outcome.

That’s how it has been going so far. But being thoughtful and sensitive human being, I just won’t learn the lesson. I still doubt His working. I still question His ways. I label Him partial. I just talk him rough. How unfair!!!!!

I pray to the great craftsman to bless me and all of His creation with the wisdom to learn from the past, accept n enjoy the present and to just not be afraid of the unborn future. That would be a great favor.

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