Going through the obstacles

Bend when the wind is blowing unbearably and Get up when it quietens. That’s the advice by the sages. Do you agree?

I did and still do often but now I have started to question its veracity as I realize that it had become my habit to duck without braving the storm even if it was within my inherent capacity to face it.

This makes me look at the obstacles more rationally and objectively and ask my crumbling inner self to muster courage and face the onslaught of the barrage of the obstacles on the way.

Giving upĀ  and retreating is always an option and would always be one but that’s not the path to glory of the Divinity within us.

Water in the rivers would always flow down the easy way meanderingĀ  around the rocks and boulders till it just disappears in the ocean. It requires a lot of energy to make the water in the ocean to evaporate and form clouds.

The innocent drops of water can wreck havoc if the cloud bursts or it rains torrentially. That’s the power it musters to become a force to reckon with.

A turtle withdraws into the hard shell at the time of any perceived danger. It sticks its neck out of it , looks around and keeps moving once the danger is over.

An elephant doesn’t bother, no matter what comes on its way but when tsunami is impending it too senses and runs atop hills for safety. That’s what we all are wired with, the sensory and the extra sensory perceptions. To use them intelligently when we have to is what the Infinite Intelligence/ Consciousness desires from us.

We are not born cowards. We become one when we give up the fight prematurely.

The Africans have a popular saying which says that there is no way across the desert but through it.

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