Lord Ganesh, the Elephant-head God

Today is being celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi, a pious festival of the Hindus world over.

Pity, I didn’t know it, being in Canada this time around. Nevertheless, got a message from my sister in India about the same and another one from our recent acquaintance here who wanted to shop for a Ganesh statue and came over to pick up my wife to accompany her.

Must thank Lord Ganesh for the reminder in his own subtle ways.

Unexplained, mysterious but educative are the ways of the Supreme.

I was required to remember what Ganesha, as the westerners love to call him, symbolizes.

This elephant-headed Hindu God is a personification of WISDOM, FOCUS, INTELLIGENCE, PATIENCE, SILENCE, GOOD LISTENING, POWER and above all a NEW-BEGINNING. ( just visualize the elephant and its head).

All these traits must be brought into focus when worshipping him. That’s the purpose of remembering him on such auspicious days. It’s a gentle reminder to imbibe the qualities we all can imbibe by practice and the Grace of the Lord.

To cite an example, when his head was transplanted with the head of a baby- elephant, as the story goes, and Goddess Parvati, his mother was upset, Lord Shiv, the father gave him a boon that Ganesh, their son would be invoked at the beginning of anything auspicious from then on.

This makes me look at it like this that when things go wrong unintentionally, there is always a positivity that follows.

Hey Ganesha! Howde? ( A western way of greeting Lord Ganesh on this auspicious day)

Dear Lord Ganesh, May you help us all and we invoke you to make a new beginning in our lives to become better and better human beings serving the humanity selflessly and seeking you to show us the way and tread with us hand-in-hand, jostling and dancing along the path strewn with stones and slippery patches.

May Lord Ganesh bless us all. Amen!

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