Faith and mountains

Check out @AnirudhKapoor’s Tweet:

Faith moves mountains of doubts n incompetence, for sure.

Faith in what? Is it the faith in the perfect Universal design and thus our resignation to it or the faith on the assets like fearlessness, determination, vision and  wisdom it has equipped us?

The interconnectedness and at the same time, the independence of our abilities and their ramification determines the kind if faith that will move the obstacles in our path.

The faith lying dormant in the recesses of our core needs to resurface and manifest and then move mountains.

Is there a method of stopping the faith to drown in the ocean of despondency n despair?

Should our faith in the intelligent, unseen, encapsulating Energy field that is faithful to its creation help in keeping our faith in our own selves afloat ?

I feel that by connecting with our Source that is Infinite, we can empower our own selves to move mountains.

We must never forget that it is a constant endeavor. More mountains are always waiting to be moved when we move one.

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