Actions n Intention

Our actions are the thoughts that manifest.

Our thoughts are the Divine signals that prod us to act.

Divine signals are Cosmic compulsions.

If its so, where would our karma fit in?
Where would our free will fit in?

The intention behind the act and the very act of performing it is our karma and that decides the net-worth of our lives and the destiny that follows.

A good intention behind a ‘bad’ act is better than a bad intention behind a ‘good’ act.

This explains a little bit of the ambiguity that appears to us behind the whole process of karmic load which is sometimes too heavy to carry esp for beginners like me.

The cerebral views on this cannot clear the fog that sets in from time to time.

The only thing that is expected of us is the purity of the INTENTION behind an act. The rest is just an aftermath.

Act with awareness of the intention behind it. Good luck.

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