Inner Growth

Our faculties are either growing or regressing.

As we use the muscles to build them up to carry weight, we build  our mental faculties to carry the load of our true being.

Our inner growth depends upon the level of the empowerment of our mind and intellect. When these two team up for the positive attitude and outlook, we grow. If they are at loggerheads and constantly at war without a common goal, we decay.

Of course there can be some differences as there are in any democratic setup, they must more often focus in the same direction of grappling with the situation and empowering.

The heart in those times of conflict acts as a referee shedding a tear or two before getting into the rhythm.

During the synchronous times, it beats melodiously and dances n revels  at the sight of harmony and that is what inner growth onto positivity is all about. Be he ever joyous and grow inside out. Good luck.

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