Living with negative situations n people?

I would often be tempted to avoid negativity in the form of situations and people if I could since the time I remember. If you are sincere with yourself, in all probability most of you too would be doing so or would have done so, isn’t it?

Of late, I have been observing that the more I would try to change my seat in a public transport if some one is coughing and the more I would avoid meetings of negative people, the more such situations would crop up sooner than later.

This made me ponder over this regular feature in my life till I thought of experimenting and going along with them. I would just observe and accept and I realize quite often their energy saps automatically and I am at peace, like the one coughing would get down on the next stop.

I think it has something to do with my karmic debt that needs to be paid before I can move ahead in the journey of the spirit.

I am trying this as often as I can as I have started to understand this phenomenon a bit. In all humility, I bow before the Universal Intelligence to bestow its wisdom on me and I bask in its Infinite Glory. Amen.

1 thought on “Living with negative situations n people?

  1. laurenmokasdar

    Visualise being inside a disco ball (you know those ones covered in mirrors) so all the negativity reflects away from you. This is what I always do in these situations, live inside my discoball bubble.x


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