The Horse must Drink

The old saying of ‘ we can take the horse to the pond but cannot make him drink the water’ is quite true and the horse knows best about his thirst. In the right wisdom, the owner can take him to the pond but the horse has to drink, isn’t it?

Why must he be forced to drink? Don’t we often do so with people around, be it in the family or the workplace or the playground? There can be an inherent goodness in our gesture in doing so but that takes away the freedom of the others to choose the path and that is not right, isn’t it so?

When we are working collectively , the collective wisdom often scores over the individual one provided all are working towards the common goal and agenda selflessly.

Changing gears, a thought transpired that we must stop and ponder over the situations that arise in our lives from time to time and analyze for the greater good and grab it by the horns if our heart feels the comfort and actually sings a song then. Be mindful of such chances. This is what we must do as Nature, in its infinite wisdom desires us to act in the best possible manner as it has chosen us for the job amongst millions of others. It has already equipped us even when we may not be sure about that right then.  Its a privilege to be chosen, and to dishonor it, is a lost opportunity to move ahead to the next orbit of inspired living in unison with Divine. The horse must not question but must drink the water at that point in time and feel the bliss of Divinity and fulfilment of the mission. That’s how it works, as far as i am concerned. Good luck n Be blessed.

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