Silent Change

When a bomb explodes, or a land-mine erupts, it brings about change, a loud and evident one at that. But when we change and we don’t realize for a long time that we have changed, its called Silent change that starts in a subtle manner and finally gathers momentum to become noticeable.

Change is the law of Nature, an unavoidable process that is ingrained in its DNA.

We are constantly changing, everything is. To realize the silent transformation and acknowledge it on the way is a gift bestowed upon a few of us. To manage it is further gifted to a select few, who can see it happening and make desirable changes in the course of the change that is occurring in them. This is possible if we are constantly present with out own process of living every moment and live with mindfulness of our thoughts and actions.

We come to know about the nature of change if we are vigilant about it, lest we are led to the point of no return. To site an example, the first drink brings about a subtle change that proceeds onto ultimately making us a drunkard.

The silent change is the time to change directions in our lives till we cannot come out of the vice like grip of the process of chance that is occurring and finally complete.

Silent change is more difficult to avoid. If the change is for the better, facilitate it with awareness and more opportunities to bring about the desired change it brings along. Good luck.

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